Addresses+ extends the features of your contacts app

  • Show the addresses of your contacts on a map, or as a list sorted by name, city or distance.
  • Select them by contact group or by search terms.
  • Assign icons to individual addresses or all search results.
  • Assign icons automatically using keywords in a contact's name, its notes, or the address labels.
  • Edit auto assignment keywords.
  • Select from many static or animated icons, emojis, address book pictures, initials, newly taken pictures or pictures from your photo albums.
  • Assign selected contacts to an existing or new contact group.
  • 1-tap phone, zoom in, route, or open web page for an address.
  • Create, edit or delete contacts and contact groups.
  • Select in any other app, e.g. Safari, text that contains contact info (e.g. address, phone, email, home page), and create a new contact prefilled with this info.
  • Create a new contact with your current address prefilled.
  • Synchronize automatically with iCloud and other contact servers.
  • Keep your contacts strictly private. Only street addresses (when granted) will be transferred to the Apple geolocation server to obtain their coordinates on the map. Names, phone numbers, etc. will never be transmitted.
  • Correct ambiguous addresses by selecting one of the addresses suggested by the server.
OSX service:
The OSX service Text to Contact is available here that lets you easily add contacts to your address book: You can roughly mark text containing contact information (e.g. address, phone, email, home page) in any OSX app, and select a new entry in your app menue/Services. The service will extract this contact information, ask for the organization name (which cannot be extracted automatically), and create a new contact in your address book. The notes of this new contact will contain a hint that it has been created by this service.

  • English, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese
Application example:
You are planning a holiday trip to Costa Rica, using your Mac and Safari at home. You select hotels that you might visit there. With new OSX service, you create new address book entries for all selected hotels. The new contacts are automatically synced to your iPhone.
In the Addresses+ app on the iPhone, you search for the new contacts, which have been marked as such in their notes, and assign them to a new contact group.
When you are on your trip, you select this contact group, and the locations of your hotels will be shown on the map, or you display a list sorted by distance. With a single tap, you can phone the closest hotel, or let you show driving directions.