Text to Contact is an OS X Service that lets you easily create new contacts in your Contacts app.


  • Select in any app text that contains address information.
  • From the selected text, Text to Contact extracts street, email and Internet addresses and phone numbers.
  • It then opens a window where names and notes can be entered manually (names and notes cannot be recognized automatically as addresses and phone numbers).
  • Eventually, a new contact is entered into your address book.
  • It is not necessary to mark address information precisely. It is sufficient that the marked text encloses it.
  • Localized in English, German, Spanish & Simplified Chinese.
  • It is free & has no ads.
  • An hotel web page in Safari:

  • The mask to entry names & notes:

  • The new contact in the address book:

Download the installer here:
  • Note: You must open the downloaded installer using ctrl-click (right click / 2 fingers click) with the Open menue.
  • You will be notified that this installer is from an unidentified developer.
  • If you trust us, you can open it anyway, and install the OS X service.
  • It will install two files for all users, after entering an administrator password:
    In Library/Automator the file TextToContact.action and
    in Library/Services the file TextToContact.workflow.
  • You can uninstall the service simply by deleting these 2 files.